Patton Wilson

May 2018 


Mutiny,  Egg Tempera, 40"x 48"

Mutiny, Egg Tempera, 40"x 48"

Please join us to celebrate Patton Wilson’s new body of work.  The
paintings are the product of the last three years of Patton’s waking hours
and include watercolors, oils, and one major painting in egg tempera.  
The paintings are among the best pieces ever hung in the Gallery and
we are honored to host an exhibition of one of America’s great painters. 

Patton’s paintings are a master-class in archaic craft--with a distinctly
American flavor.  His compositions are distillations. Avoiding idealization, 
Wilson paints familiar, sometimes beautiful, objects with a Zen-master’s ethos
of observation.

Ancient process and observation; Wilson’s approach yields works
that are at once pleasing and deeply satisfying--satisfying in a way that only
a dozen or more precisely graduated shades of white can deliver.

A fundamentalist, Wilson sets a rhythm and cadence, beginning with the creation
of his ingredients through their application and framing--it’s a slow process.
Central to the power of his painting is an unrelenting standard of excellence; 
Patton is a ruthless editor of his own work. The pieces that survive his scrutiny
are truly marvelous; come and see.