White Oak Canyon
Red Roses
View from Massie's Corner II
The Hazel River
Day's End
Piedmont in Atumn
Fall in Rappahannock
White Roses
Hazel River V
Land's End III
Maine Coast Evening
Hazel River Autumn
Pamaquid Point Rocks
View from Massie's Corner
Pink Roses
Leaving the City
Overlooking the Sea
Light on First Parrish
Sun and Snow on Trees
Night at the Quarry
White Roses
Land's End II
Land's End III
Trees by the Sea
Virginia Sunset
Dawn in Maine
The Hill
Water in the Woods
A River
The Cool River
Shade of a Sycamore
Hampden in Spring
Hazel River in May
Rocks on the Hazel River
Morning in the District
The Coast and Sea
Hillside II
Rocks, Pemaquid Point
Hillside I
Hillside IV
Window Sill
Hillside V
Stone Creek Cabin I
Stone Creek Cabin II
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