Nancy Bass 



"I admit that my slight obsession with cows seemed like just a quirky artist thing until I painted one. My lifelong love of animals nurtured my artist soul for many years. But a cow – somehow – changed my entire point of view. I was delighted to discover that I was not the only one who was drawn to these gentle spirits. 

My collector’s testimonials are openly rejoicing as they describe their sense of peacefulness whenever they view my paintings in their homes. They feel a certain connection, maybe brought on by childhood memories. Whatever my cows bring to their homes, it is worldwide phenomenon. 

Now, I must admit that this is not a normal herd of cows. This is very unique herd of cows on my rural farmland in Virginia. Each cow on my farm was chosen for its distinct personalities, characteristics, and other special qualities. 

I don’t think of them as a herd of cows. I have a herd of magnificent models who happen to be cows. Collectively, they are central to my core artistic message. I find such calmness and feel a return to simpler times in these innocent faces. That is what I know I am sharing and it gives me great joy."