Michael Fitts 


 A sculptor first, Fitts transforms found metal into panels onto which he creates realistic still life oil paintings. The surfaces of these panels are patinated by time and the elements, and interact with his subjects that are prominently drawn from middle class America and imbued with a pinch of humor. THE GRID represents an expansion of his approach in which he creates repetitions of related objects while exploring scale, tone, and the ubiquity of subject matter that has historically been a staple of pop art. The more than 50 individual panels in the exhibit, produced over the course of the year, represent the largest single showing of Fitts’ oil paintings to date. About this collection, Fitts says, “I want viewers’ eyes to dance about these paintings, getting energized by both the differences and the similarities along the way.”The pieces immediately induce feelings or nostalgia for the viewer. The everyday and ordinary objects that most can relate to, are glorified to a new level or sophistication and importance in his paintings.