Chris Stephens

Chris Stephens uses vibrant colors to portray the sweeping landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley, achieving an alluring interpretation of the countryside. Stephens holds an MFA from James Madison University, and his work can be found in numerous collections including SAS Institute, American Express, Bell Atlantic, First Union National Bank, Wachovia Bank & Trust, Duke Energy, Lowe’s, and UNC Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Chris now lives Front Royal, VA. 

"I paint from life. My process is direct and uncluttered. I make individual marks, each based on something seen. I feel my way into the subject, looking for lyrical, organizing structures, discovered anew with each painting, like parallel diagonals or edges of forms intersecting at right angles.  Ideally, my paintings are simple accumulations of marks within a compositional structure. I constrain my work within a particular subject, and apply strong formats to evoke different emotional and visual possibilities. Color and paint have their own magic, I try to harness it. Color conveys my feeling of the experience. Oil paint is uniquely suited to hold the energy of the marks made in response to life; it's an alchemic substance.  My paintings begin with exuberance for light, subject and paint; I try to carry it through the whole process."


2014  October New Work, Haley Fine Art, Sperryville, VA 

2011  October Cast Light, Haley Fine Art, Sperryville, VA

2003-2004  May Clouds, Water, And Light, Haley Fine Art, Sperryville, VA                   

2002  Paintings of the Shenandoah Valley, Center of the Earth, Charlotte, NC              

The Way I See It, The Middle Street Gallery, Washington, VA
2001  Earth, Air, Water, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD                             

By the River, Theatre Art Galleries, High Point, NC                   

Powers of Three, 3 person collaboration, Windows Gallery, Warrenton, VA
2000  Along the River, The Middle Street Gallery, Washington, VA                                     

1999  Pieces of Light, The Middle Street Gallery, Washington, VA                               

New Dimensions, Art Ventures Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1983-2003   Winter Show, Green Hill Center for N.C. Art, Greensboro, NC