BongKyun Noh

I N T O   N A T U R E


HALEY FINE ART is honored to present BK Noh’s latest works. Noh explores the role of the written word in human experience. Spacious and lucid, BK’s creations are a meditation on the written word’s vital and evolving role in our lives and culture. The receding primacy of the physical text is underscored.

Evolving ideas on the interrelation of time and the heaviness of physical gravity.

Everything has a relative weight. Time, the eternal flow, has it’s own velocity. Pond Series depicts a heavier flow--physical time. The water-installation reveals the mass of culture, history and philosophy. My own brief experience interrelates these depictions with time.

"Nature makes these explanations willingly. Everything is self-evident; water-installation accelerates nature’s changes and accretes a new beauty. Our view, our gaze resides with the exciting, the insecure, sometimes serious, while culture--history and philosophy, makes its marks--transforming and evolving. I observed and recorded moments for this exhibition as an artist."

Originally from Seoul, Korea, BK is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. 

"Painting is a visible record method to me and my full color palette represents the historical moment from the manipulated installation permanently. Book, As a material for my painting, is pretty meaningful to me. Even It is in the tragical moment with my water installation and books are going to useless. Book still represent many things in the structure which has own story, words, history, knowledge, philosophy etc... and still there forever."

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